Cochem and Reichburg Castle
Wow look up there, it's a castle
Oh this is Cochem and it's Reichburg Castle
The sun is coming out...great.
Another pretty town on the river
The streets are quiet this morning
We walk through the town gate
The approach to the gate
Beautiful depiction of the town history
The major hotel in town
The town's main cathedral
The castle overlooks the town
The town square
A beautiful cemetery
View from in front of the castle
We made it up the hill
We still have a ways to climb
Our fantastic guide, Louisa Marie in period costume
I never did find out what that meant
The history of the castle rulers
There's our ship down on the river
Beautiful windows and flowers
Looking up from the courtyard
Everyone's paying attention
Delft tiles of course
Windows, windows
And more windows
This is supposed to bring good luck
One of many suits of armor
Waiting for us back on the ship
The view from the balcony
Is that our ship?  No, we're on the other bank
Back on the river
And off to the next town