Crown Princess to the British Isles - 8/5/2019 (From Southampton)
This will be my first cruise on
Princess (Although I have wanted to
try Princess for quite a while) and
my first visit to London (Unless you
want to count Heathrow) and my
first visit to Ireland (Even though
I'm part Irish).  Friends went on
this cruise a few years ago and
raved about it so I am very excited
to go.  I kind of like the new Sea
Hag graphic they put on the bow of
the ship.  Just looks like waves if
you didn't know what it was.  On
this page I will list links to other
pages of information as I get them.
I'll start with the Roll Call.  See
you onboard.  Bob
Roll Call
Princess Patters (Dailies)
Deck Plans
Review of the Ports
Pre Cruise Photos
Recommended Travel Agents
On Board Gatherings Schedule
Cruise Photos (Under Construction)