Divina Ship Tour

1.        Start on Deck 5 in the Atrium, meet by the piano.  The Atrium elevators are facing the stern (Back).  
         Facing the Bow (Front):

     a.        Divina Bar on Starboard (Right) side
     b.        Cyber Café on Port (Left) side
     c.        Only cabins toward the Bow (Forward)
     d.        The Black Crab Restaurant toward the Stern (Back)
     e.        Note: Can’t go through the restaurant to get to back of ship

2.        Take the Atrium Elevators to Deck 16

     a.        Galaxy Restaurant overlooking the pool area
     b.        Sky and Stars meeting room on Port side (Dead end)
     c.        Virtual World on Starboard side including 4D Theater and F1
     d.        Have to walk up stairs to use waterslide and Top 18 area

3.        Back to Mid Elevator to Deck 15

     a.        Walking track towards the Bow
     b.        Children’s area on Port side going towards the Stern
     c.        Teenager’s area on Starboard side going towards the Stern
     d.        Walk Aft to Garden Bar on Port side and Garden Pool
     e.        Le Muse the Yacht Club Restaurant is forward of the Pool

4.        Take Aft Elevator to deck 14 (Buffet)

     a.        Walk forward on Port side to Aqua Park and continue to Le Sirene covered pool and to the
                Aurea Spa. Return on Starboard side
through the buffet to the Aft Elevator.

5.        Take the Aft Elevator to Deck 6

     a.        Here is the only Entrance to the Villa Rossa Restaurant
     b.        Don’t take this Elevator to Deck 5, it is a dead zone

6.        Take the Aft Elevator back to deck 7

     a.        The Black and White Lounge is Aft
     b.        Walk forward on Starboard side through the Photo Shop
     c.        Entrance to Ristorante Italia and Eataly is here
     d.        To avoid crowds here walk outside on the Promenade Deck
     e.        Arrive at Cantina Di Bacca
     f.        Cross over to the Port side for Eately Steakhouse
     g.        Go forward on Starboard side for MSC Logo Shop
     h.        Go forward on Port side for the Profumeria
     i.        Continue forward for Caffé Italia
     j.        Continue forward on Port side for the Sports Bar
     k.        Continue forward on Starboard side for Golden Jazz Bar
     l.        Pass through Galleria d’Arte to La Luna Piano Bar
     m.        Continue forward to the upper level of the Pantheon Theater

7.        Take Forward Elevator to Deck 6

     a.        Arrive at Main Entrance to Pantheon Theater
     b.        Walk back towards the Stern through Casino Veneziano
     c.        Continue on Right (Port) past the Cigar Lounge and Il Gioiello (Shop) and the Mini Mall or
     d.        Continue on Left (Starboard) past the Video Games Arcade, The Accessory Shop and La Boutique
     e.        Arrive at the Silver Lounge and Bar on your Left (Starboard)
     f.        Arrive at the Excursion Office and Shopping Gallery on your Right (Port).  Now find your way
               back to your Cabin!!

Note:         Port is the Left side of the ship facing forward with Odd Cabin Numbers and Starboard is the Right side with
                Even Cabin Numbers but when walking back toward the Stern, the Port side is on your Right and the Starboard side is on your Left!