Divina Hints from our friends at Cruise Critic
Divina Hints:

1.  The shows are great!  Don't miss:
 (I will check the shows now being presented) ,Afternoon Opera
2.  The Infinity pool is busy especially on sea days, get there early
3.  Deck 7 (Promenade Deck) runs the length of the ship and is an easy way to get to the
 Black and White lounge
4.  Quiet sun deck above the Infinity pool with hot tubs
5.  Be careful - decks can be very slippery, especially indoor pool area
6.  The last step in the theater is tricky, don't fall
7.  Free drinks in bars on decks 5, 6 and 7 for Captains Gala  5:15 - 6PM
8.  Board at 11:30AM or 3PM, gets crazy busy in between
9.  Meet & Mingle should be mid-day Friday, check the Daily
10. The Photos area on deck 7 gets clogged up easily, avoid it
11. The free Divina Traveller app available on board only is very helpful
12. 15% discount on first night at Eataly
13. Quiet spot near a bathroom by the water-slide
14. ???? is the present Cruise Director
15. Your cabin number is part of the code on your Sea-card
16. Free soft serve ice cream 2-5PM on pool deck
17. There is popcorn shrimp in the kids area of the buffet
18. Spa services are 30% off on port days
19. Bring you own glass for the buffet, the ones there are too small
20. Some elevator bays have only two elevators and aren't as busy
21. There is a hidden elevator between the mid and front elevators
22. Don't miss whoever is at La Luna Piano Bar (My favorite Lounge)
23. There are the yummiest cookies available free of charge in Cafe Italia from around
   4:00 to 5:00PM
24. "Don't sweat the small stuff"