(CTBob )Bob & Stephanie having fun at sea
(Boatman91) Jim and Sally on another HAL cruise
Brian and Arla out and about
Pre-Cruise Recognition Photos
Ron and Dee celebrate their victory
NuGrad67 - Susan & Werner get ready for a
night on the town
obriendan - here's Barb and Dan, obviously well traveled
DanL - Dan and Wanda chillin' at the Ice Bar in Stockholm
Ishmael and Franky in New Orleans this past January  
Richard and Susan recently moved to Texas
after 70 years in Wisconsin
Miriam and Tom enjoying a hike in
Palm Springs  (Mom-2)
Tom and Peggy improve the view in Funchal Madeira
Ellen and Colin enjoy a cocktail and a cuddle
Susan and Werner in Fort Myers, FL
Here's Linda and Don in Iceland.  Where's the ice?
John, Fiona and Chloe have done this trip before.
Do you recognize the dining room?
Diane and Martin enjoy a break from their activities
Here's Paul and Janet, I think they
are somewhere in Italy.
Here's Beth in Barbados during a previous
transatlantic crossing. (bmarbury)
Here's Cheryl (TravelingCheryl) and Kevin enjoying themselves on a cruise
Wendy and Al take a stroll through Cinque Terre  (Traveller1)
Here's Sandy and Bob in Cartagena last April.  
They must have enjoyed the cruise. (SLois)
Rick and Marilyn are bringing their own transportation
MarDenDye - Dennis and Marilyn enjoy a day at
Bar Harbour, Me
Diane and George at their home in Florida
Erika and Richard may be from Florida but they
definitely aren't in Florida (OK, it's Alaska)
Cat and David on the Rotterdam
Paul and Pauline enjoy the fireworks on New
Year's Eve
Sandra and Jim enjoy authentic Mexican food in Bucerias, Mexico
Pat and Geri attend a Georgia Tech Graduation
Here's Michael and Sharon at, well you know!  (SM CruiseControl)
Here's Joe from FL, but this definitely isn't Florida
Here's Tom (LocoLoco1).  If you think he's brave I wonder
where Peggy took the photo from? They are in Malaga, Spain
Gerry and Guy are in the Byzantine Cistern in Istanbul,
Turkey.  Hope they wear these outfits on the cruise.
Does that trunk fit in your luggage?
Marie and Rene are just hanging out in
Kosamui, Indonesia
Mary and Tom have done the transatlantic
before.  Mary loves the K-dam theater.
Doren and Cheryl are joining us from Calgary, Alberta CN