The Golden Lady of Luxemberg
We walk to the square
Our meeting place after we explore a bit
It certainly is busy here
Some pastries would be nice
Interesting street, what's up there?
Swings, but nobody's using them
I know there's a story here...
Here's the palace
At least I think it's the palace
Oh yes, there's the royal seal
And there's the Queen
Don't ask, don't tell
Interesting building and courtyard
Colorful vases, don't remeber why
Anyone need a bike?
The old walled city
Great view from up here
The old palace
Beautiful fountain
Beautiful, wherever you look
Our group moves on
Looks like a Cathedral
A bishop lived here, I forget which one
Beautiful statue
One more photo before we go
The Luxemnerg American Cemetary
Beautiful grounds
This is American soil
The grave of George Patton
The map legend
The battle diagram
The soldiers monument