The Odin, our home for 8 days
Our first view of the Odin
It doesn't look too long from here
Pretty, lots of glass
It looks like they're expecting us
We are escorted to our cabin
The little town at the dock
Looks like a nice place
One of the desserts
Our first towel animal
The ship's bell on the bow
The river was often too high
Another critter in our cabin
The officers greeted us
Another Viking longship
We posed with the officers
As did Jim and Sally
Joel's smile was always on display
Brian and Arla also posed with the officers
Sasa both served us and entertained us
Jim gave the chef a few tips
Andy played the piano and clarinet to entertain us
The crew welcomes us back onboard
Bojan was always a delight
Refreshing drinks upon our return from a tour
We always felt welcome on the Odin