Building the Seaside
The first block of the keel is laid in place at the Fincantieri Shipyard.
One of the blocks as seen from the water
More of the blocks moving into place
They even work at night.  I hope they finish on time.
Ken Muskat was there, then again he's everywhere!
The bulbous section of the bow
As seen from the other side.
Ready for float out.
And she floats!!
The zip line rings are ready for the brave and cabins are going in.
And here's the power!
4K Video from Above
It does look like a Miami condo from here!
Update: Ken has moved on and been replaced by Joe Jiffo.
Working at night
An artist hard at work
Almost ready for Sea Trials
Seaside at Sea
The MSC Seaside is looking good!
Captain Scala's new ride
It even looks good at night!
Photos by Ernie Roller
Photo courtesy of Andre Schlemmer, Cruise Director
The MSC Seaside arrives in Miami
Let the celebration begin!
Let's Party!