Meet the Captain!
"He joined MSC as a highly-experienced officer with
Carnival Cruise Lines, preceded by many years as the
Captain of giant Chevron petrol tankers voyaging all
over the world. Notwithstanding his distinguished
career, Pier Paolo Scala was required to undergo two
months’ familiarisation training before gaining the
command of MSC Opera when he joined MSC Cruises in
2011. Captain Scala has vast experience in podded
propulsion systems and has commanded various ships in
the Lirica and Musica Classes. Currently captain
onboard MSC Divina it has been hinted at his next
command will be MSC Seaside"
It's now been confirmed !!!!!!
Captain Pier Paolo Scala is in charge of
MSC Seaside
Captain Scala with his family
Captain Scala with the crew of the Divina
Captain Scala is overseeing the construction of the Seaside
And he is sharing his photos with us.
Here is the new "Team Seaside" starting with Captain Scala
on the left.
Captain Scala shows Cruise Director Andre Schlemmer
where he will be working.
Captain Scala seems to be happy wherever he is!
Captain Scala is everywhere!
Captain Scala in his second choice for a ride.
A proud man with his new ride!
Captain Scala is in the center of it all!
Like it says!
Captain Scala and his beautiful family
Captain Scala with a few of his friends