MSC is developing seven new shows for the Seaside.  I'll miss the Michael Jackson tribute.
Here are the descriptions of each show that has been performed:
Is an Opera in
three acts (originally
two) by GIACOMO
The original version
had its premiere on
17 February 1904
at Teatro Alla Scala
in Milan.
With a
contemporary touch,
we have reduced
and summarized the
An original staging,
for a show
dedicated to the
great music of the
famous composer
The set is ready to
relive some of the
that with these
Soundtracks, it
caught the
imagination of the
whole world.
The potion of
eternal youth, it is
the aim of this
strange alchemist,
who decides to try
the magic potion on
In the beginning it
seemed to be fine,
but then…
A scientist, after
years of hard work,
manages to invent an
extraordinary time
machine and decided
along with his faithful
assistant, to become
time travelers...and
Once again, the
endless struggle
between Peter Pan
& Cpt Hook.
Although these were announced as the planned shows so far only "Peter Punk" has been reported as
being performed.  
I can now report that "Timeless" was held and featured the Michael Jackson
Also  "Butterflies" was the operetta and "My Life in Music" was performed, much of
it in Italian.  "The Wizard" was also performed.  There was no sign of "Latin Planet" or "Da' Ja'
Vu.  There was a show called "Fly".  Timeless was my favorite followed by Peter Punk and then The
Wizard.  That's just me, many people didn't like any of them.